How to choose the right builder for you!

You want to build a beautiful home, where you feel safe and know that it will adapt to your lifestyle both now and forever. It may seem daunting and overwhelming, but through clear and transparent communication, taking the time to listen to you and making sure you feel comfortable and empowered, the right builder will make sure you feel relaxed and excited to build your home.

You may also have some fears and concerns towards choosing the right builder and building your home, so the builders initial focus should be using their years of experience, knowledge and expertise to firstly address these and resolve them, then work closely with you, priortising your building experience, and taking the time to learn about you so that your new home truly reflect you and your vision.

Choosing the right building for you is your most important challenge, navigating through online reviews, friend recommendations and talking to different builder. When you are looking for a professional builder you should confirm the following: 1. Are they registered with the VBA? (Do they have a builder’s license?) 2. Do they have builders insurance and can they provide this to you? 3. Do they provide a 10 year structure and 2 year non structural warranty? 4. Do they only use paid proposals and quotes? 5. Do they use a professional and fair contract? (This should be 40-50 pages) 6. Do they have a process to ensure you have a great building experience? 7. Do they have a history of building similar projects? 8. Will they provide you a schedule to show how they will build your home? 9. Do they have an online portal for you to keep updated with your project?

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few builders, you should organise a time to sit down and meet with them. This will give you and the builder a great opportunity to talk to each other. The focus on this meeting shouldn't be your home, but whether you can work together. You should aim to find out about them as a person, do you trust them, what is your gut feeling, do they have a process to ensure you have a great building experience. Once you feel comfortable with the builder and you think you could work together as a team, that is when you can start to discuss your home in more detail. If you choose the wrong builder, you will guarantee a poor building experience, and your home will not meet your expectations or you will blow out your budget. This is why its important to take your time, do your research and prioritise finding the right builder first, before anything else.

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