Why you should engage your builder before your architect or draftsperson

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

If you engaging your builder before your architect or draftsperson, it will not only save you months of frustration, confusion and disappointment, but it could save you from wasting tens of thousands of dollars on plans and documentations only to find out your designs don't meet your budget.

Did you know that 60-70% of custom designed architectural plans never make it to the construction phase? You see, an architect and draftsperson focuses on what the house will look like, the design. Now obviously this is very important, but even more important is your budget and the real cost of building your home. How would you feel if you spent tens of thousands of dollars to design a home only to find out you cannot build it within your budget? This is where the builder comes into play.

If you choose your builder before your architect or draftsperson then you can get the benefits of the builders input into your design. They are going to be an integral part of building your home, so using their years of knowledge and experience will be invaluable and will only leave you in a better position. With the builder on your side before you start the design phase, they will not only help you achieve the best designs for your home, but will also help you focus on the practicalities of building that design in a more cost effective manner. By working together you can still achieve the same 'design result' but for a lot less money.

By engaging your builder first, you can then have the builder and architect/draftsperson working together to get the best of both worlds resulting in a design that is beautiful and functional which will be build on budget.

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