Why FREE quotes end up costing you more in the end

Building a home can be a daunting process, especially with the traditional way of designing a home and then finding 3 builders to give you a free quote. This process always causes confusion and frustrations, not knowing the difference between quotes, choosing a builder only on price, suffering from cost blowouts, time delays and ultimately ending in a horrible building experience. Builders providing FREE quotes spend more time playing catch up, doing tasks that have become urgent day to day tasks rather than important forward planning tasks, where the builder has to find spare time after hours to catch up and quickly put together your quotes. This is where: X Mistakes are made in the quote which effect the building stages X Promises are broken and are un-deliverable at the end of the project X They are forced to spend as minimal time as possible on your quote X They start running late or do not show up to meetings X You stop working together as a team for your best outcome X Quotes end up based on what they want, not what you want or need X They have a lack of understanding of you which effects your project X They get confused which ends with significant "guesstimating" in quotes X They stop answering calls and communication fails X You don't full know what is actually included in the contract All of this will leave you feeling nervous, frustrated and playing your cards close to your chest with no clear pathway forward. If you do then decide to move forward, you will suffer from budget blowouts, poor quality work, time delays, poor communication and an overall poor building experience. With a PAID PROPOSAL you can avoid all of this, knowing your builder has been able to spend the extra time getting to know you, understanding you and exactly what you would like to build. The builder can then put the time into accurately pricing your home through real quotes and product pricing, detailing all of the works and inclusions, ensuring you know exactly what is included in the building contract and it is exactly what you expect it to be. This is a small price to pay to guarantee you have a great building experience and that you love your home now and forever.

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