Why you should prioritise a great building experience over everything else

Your building experience should be your number one focus when building or renovating your home. Imagine having a beautifully built home, exactly as you had always envisioned, only to not even want to live in it because every time you see it, it only reminds you of all the issues, frustrations and anger you had to build it. From poor communication, budget blowouts, arguments over inclusions and specifications, faulty or unfinished works and the list can go on and on. The horror stories in the building industry are very well know, so focusing on having a great building experience is the true indicator towards you loving your home.

Any professional builder should build you a beautiful home, but when it comes to guaranteeing that you have a great building experience, the builder needs to spend a significant amount of time during the early stages of the design and building process. Your home can only be correctly designed and built by someone who takes the time to know you, who asks the deeper more meaningful questions to truly understand you and what you would like to build. This only comes with time and a process which prioritises you and your experience.

Imagine moving in, starting your new life, showing off your home to your friends and family, relaxing, entertaining and feeling at peace knowing that you love your home. This all happens when your builder prioritizes your building experience through transparency, communication and team work.

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